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Get the 3-Part Video Lesson to Teach Your Team to "Arrange Hack"

Introducing the "Arrangement Hacking" Lesson

This isn’t Bach's counterpoint or the musical equivalent of brain surgery. In these lessons, your team will learn some easy-to-apply concepts to will help them create a killer arrangement of any song, no matter what size your band.

  • Arrangement Hacking

    Your team will learn the skills to "arrangement hack”—that is, to create a great sounding arrangement similar to recording, without the pressure to duplicate it perfectly.

  • Tight And Together

    Your team will play tighter and more together because they’ve learned how to self-arrange, how to complement each other, and really listen to each other.

  • Better Mix

    Get your sound techs and musicians on the same page so the tech knows how to mix the arrangement, and the band gives the tech something worth mixing.

  • Create YOUR Sound

    Make song arrangements your own. You'll learn how to arrange in a way that musically fits your team, your church, and the culture in which you're serving. 

  • Less Ego/More Teamwork

    Create collaboration & healthy musical dialog among your team members. This course will help them understand musical teamwork like never before. 

What You Get With This Video Lesson

On-Demand Training Videos

This course is done-for-you training. You get three streaming or downloadable videos to will help your team journey towards a deeper understanding of arranging for worship.

Leader Discussion Guide

For information to become transformation, there needs to be CONVERSATION. The Leader's Guide has questions to help your team process and discuss the training.



You get all the slides from this training for quick reviews. Or use them to do a live teaching of Arrangement Hacking. 

BONUS: Sonic Spectrum Graphics

These are visuals that you can use to show your team where instruments and voices compete with each other. Your team can stop stepping all over each other.

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Your Team Will Learn...

  • Arrangement Hacking

    In this class, your team will learn the 3 Gs of Arrangement Hacking. They’ll be able to listen to a recording and determine what parts are there and what’s needed as they come up with their own arrangement of the song.

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