Why Another Worship Training Site?

Welcome to the first blog post of WorshipWorkshop.com!

I just want to take a few minutes just to introduce you to what WorshipWorkshop.com is, why it will help you grow your worship ministry and how.

To do that, I want to answer these three questions you might have:

  1. “There are a ton of great worship resources and training sites out there—so why another one?”
  2. “How is this REALLY going to help me grow and develop my team?”
  3. “Who’s behind this site? Can I trust them?”

So let’s dive in and answer these questions.

Why Another Worship Site?

Back when I started leading worship…

  • the internet was a novelty…
  • the few good worship songs stayed on the CCLI charts for YEARS…
  • CCM was still king…
  • full-time worship leader jobs were hard to come by…
  • and worship training was something only found in a couple of books or at a few far away, expensive conferences.

But now, wow!

There’s so much out there for worship ministries:

  • For music, it seems the entire CCM industry has shifted to cater to churches.
  • CCLI charts are now a long-tail of worship music we would have killed for back then. (OK, maybe just verbally wounded someone, but then asked for forgiveness right after.)
  • Students fresh out of college are getting full-time worship leading jobs that took my generation nearly a decade to work towards.
  • And worship training—it’s everywhere! There are hundreds of books. Blogs. Videos. Websites. Courses. Webinars. And you can now find a worship conference every month of the year (except for December and whenever Easter happens to land).

So WHY another site?

Here’s the cold, hard truth: You’re a busy worship leader who wants to grow a strong, healthy team and lead your congregation in engaging worship.

But the demands leading every Sunday keep you from building long-term. And your busy volunteers can’t give much outside of Sunday prep either.

You know you need to lead your team further in three big areas: musical depth, spiritual maturity, and relational health.

But there just doesn’t seem to be time.

Now, there are amazing training resources out there. And you’ll occasionally send your team members articles and videos. But are they really reading or watching those?

And you can spend some time training your team in rehearsals, but you still have to get ready for Sunday, so that development time is cut short.

And a few times a year, you can beg, cajole, and/or threaten to your team to attend an in-house training event or a local conference. But not everyone shows up, and there’s always so much more they need to learn and experience to be healthy team members.

Another solution is to sign your team members up for one of a few membership-based training sites. These are a tasty buffet of amazing training, but where do you start? They might grow musically or learn some amazing stuff about biblical worship.

But there’s no clear path or direction. 

And then you still have to somehow hold them accountable to a learning path. Yeah, good luck with that.

So that’s why we’ve created Worship Workshop. So how is it going to help you grow and develop your team?

How Will Worship Workshop Help You Develop Your Team

We designed WW to be a ready-made system for you to consistently and intentionally develop your team members spiritually, relationally, and musically.

They will take classes that don’t just give them information. But the classes help you move them towards being leaders, mentors and role models on the team. And all in a way that fits their super busy schedule—and yours.

Worship Workshop leads your team members on a intentional journey with accountability built in.

  • Your new team members will grasp their sacred role and commitment.
  • Your nominally committed team members will be challenged to step into greater ownership of the team.
  • And your committed core will become leaders and influencers of others on the team.

In fact, as your team progresses through Worship Workshop, leadership development and mentoring will become a natural part of your ministry.

In short, Worship Workshop is tool to help you lead your team to the next level of excellence—spiritually, relationally, and musically. But it does it in a way that let’s you still have time to prepare for Sunday.

Now, who’s behind this Worship Workshop?

Well, speaking of other resource sites, Worship Workshop is actually part of another worship training resource, WorshipTeamCoach.com.

I’ve been dedicated to helping worship leaders lead engaging worship and build strong teams since 2009 when I wrote my first blog post on an ugly Blogger site. And all the while, I was building my own worship team at my church where I served as a full time worship leader. I also wrote for other sites and publications like Worship Leader Magazine, Worship Musician Magazine, and WorshipMinistry.com.

But even with all the training content I was producing for leaders, I was struggling to consistently and intentionally train and develop my team members. Basically I found the same thing you did: there’s great training and resources, but there’s no adequate vehicle to fit into the full schedules of worship team volunteers and leaders.

So WorshipWorkshop was designed from the bottom up to be work for busy team members—like the ones on your team and my team.

So, where do you start?

As I write this, we’re still a few months away from our official launch. But we are doing some limited enrollments in what we’re calling the Beta Launch. If you want to be a part of the ground floor of Worship Workshop and get in on the official launch, go here to get on the launch list.

After you do that, make sure you enroll in free training for your team members, How To Be A Healthy Team Member.

And we’ll keep you posted on new articles, videos and podcast episodes that are released as well.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to learn what Worship Workshop is and how it can help you grow and develop your team members into team leaders, mentors and role models.

We’ll talk again soon!

Jon Nicol

Jon Nicol is a worship pastor and founder of WorshipWorkshop.com and WorshipTeamCoach.com. He and his wife Shannon have four kids, who apparently were all born without the "inside voice" gene. They all live and serve in Lexington, Ohio.