Average Musicians, Amazing Results…How?

A worship team with average musicians can sound amazing if they know how to self-arrange. Train your worship team with these five arranging principles.


3 Ways To Get Your Worship Team To Practice More

Do your worship team members use the rehearsal to learn their songs? Get them to practice more BEFORE they come to rehearsals. Here are three big tips.


Nine Sketchy People On Your Worship Team (And Why You Can’t Ignore Them)

The sketchy behavior of the following nine people is present on every worship team in some way. After you explore these nine issues, you’ll learn about three free training tools to tackle these areas of dysfunction in your worship ministry.


Why Recording Your Worship Team Will Help Them Improve

Recording your worship team during rehearsals and worship services will help your team improve. You’ll learn why recording is important and how to do it.


5 Ways To Plan Transitions In Worship (Without Killing The Flow)

Learn how planning transitions in worship are about helping people stay focused on worshipping God. Here are five simple ways to flow between songs.

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