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Healthy Team Grade Card

Your Next Steps

Thank you for taking time to grade your team's health. If you included your email, your results are on their way.  

Here are your next steps:

1. Discuss these results with a few key people.
Those people may include your senior pastor, key team members, or other leaders you have in your ministry.

2. Download this 7 Critical Commitments Guide.
Here's a quick-guide that defines each of the 7 critical commitments/engagement areas. It's a great tool to share with your team members and other leaders. Click here to download the guide.

3. Teach your team these seven critical commitment areas (for free).
Teach your team these seven commitment/engagement areas with a done-for-you training. Learn more...

Develop Your Team To The Next Level

Raise the Grade of Your Team's Health



Help your team grow in each of these seven commitment areas with this premium, 8-lesson class, How To Be A Healthy Team Member.

Besides the on-demand video lessons, team handouts, and leader discussion guide, you'll also get the companion Team Member Assessment Tool.

This is the same foundational class inside of Worship Workshop that begins the journey from team member to team leader, mentor, and role model.

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