Transform Your Team Members into Worship Leaders

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Lead Worshiper 201 will help your team members become “worship leaders”—even if they’re a background vocalist or instrumentalist. This course will help them...

  • Learn the different Biblical expressions of worship and why they matter.
  • Model worship & encourage the congregation to participate.
  • Understand the Biblical role they play.
  • Serve with the right heart.
  • Learn how to engage the congregation.
  • Be expressive without making it a performance.
Not only will your team be more expressive, you'll grow new worship leaders! (Unless you like leading 53 out of 52 Sundays a year.)

The Problem...

Too many platform team members are either focused on...

  • Just making music and not worshiping.
  • Or, having their own private worship time on the platform.

That can result in any of these issues...

Heads are buried in their music stands...

An expressionless platform team...
Vocalists have their eyes closed the entire set...

No one’s engaging the congregation...

The music might sound OK. But there’s little energy, because there’s no expression.

The deeper issue is this...

Team members don’t understand what it means to be a "lead worshiper."

Lead Worshiper 201...

...will help you teach your team members their "dual role" purpose: to worship God AND serve the congregation.

This is for you if...

  • You want to develop more volunteer worship leaders. Imagine having more people who can lead worship.
  • You want to more expression and passion during your worship sets.
  • You want a consistent, engaging worship experience, no matter who’s scheduled that week.
  • You want to move your team past the "beginner role" of just playing music or singing the song.
  • You’re tired of your senior pastor and others telling you after the service, "The music sounded good, it just could use some more expression and energy."
Are you ready to grow a team of LEAD WORSHIPERS?
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Invest in the Lead Worshiper 201 Course Today!

Your Team Will Learn...

  • Why Expression Matters
Your team members—whether they know it or not—are “visual” leaders for the rest of the congregation. What kind of worship are they modeling for your church?
  • Biblical Expressions of Worship
Your team will explore the different expressions of worship that we see in scripture. We’ll talk about why those expressions are important and when to use them.
  • Platform Presence
Your team members will discover what how "stage presence" in a musical performance translates to effective leading in a worship service.
  • How to Keep Worship From Becoming a Performance

Leading musical worship on a stage without it becoming a performance is a tough tension to manage. This training will help your team members understand the difference.

Your investment in Lead Worshiper 201 will not only help you transform your team, but it will also help you create more engagement with your congregation.

What You Get With This Course

On-Demand Training Videos

This course is done-for-you training. Five on-demand videos will help your team journey towards a deeper understanding of what it means to be lead worshipers.

Leader Discussion Guide

For information to become transformation, there needs to be CONVERSATION. The Leader's Guide has questions to help your team process and discuss the training.

Team Member Pages

These printable or digital handouts will help your team engaged during the training AND be easy to reference and review long after the training is completed.  

Training Graphics

Why do you want the slide deck? There are key principles in this course that you'll want to revisit with your team over and over. You can use the slide graphics to easily teach and remind your team.

Implementation Guide

Buying a training course is easy. Actually using that course to transform your team is TOUGH. That's why we've included implementation tips and strategies for leaders.

What's Your Investment?

  • If you created this course yourself, it would cost you hours and hours of your limited time.
  • If you hired one our trainers to come in and teach this, it would cost around $1150 in fees and expenses.
  • If you don't develop your team and let them continue to lead unengaging and expressionless worship, what will that cost your church over the next year?

But for around the cost of a quality mic cable, you can own this on-demand course to show your team anytime you want. And, it's yours forever, so you can use it to train new team members, too.

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And you can get this course for only $49.

Here’s how to invest in the Lead Worshiper 201 Course:

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Want to know what's inside?

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    This short lesson gets your team ready for the journey.

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    Why Expression Matters

    This lesson will help your team understand why they need to be expressive and engaging.

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    Biblical Expressions of Worship

    In this lesson, your team will the different expressions of worship that we see in scripture, and when and how to use those expressions.

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    Practical Training, Part 1

    This lesson gets super practical about our eyes and facial expressions. We talk in-depth about how our eyes can help engage and encourage worship.  

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    Practical Training, Part 2

    In this lesson, we go in-depth with physical movement on the platform and how to use our whole bodies to lead and engage. 

Each of these lessons are all 15 minutes or less. This saves you time and it helps keep your team focused.

Our No Risk Policy

  • If you don't love this course or think it's right for your team, we'll refund your full purchase price within 30 days.

Here’s how to invest in the Lead Worshiper 201 Course:

  • 1 Click the Buy Now button.
  • 2 Complete the short order form.
  • 3 Check your inbox after a few minutes.*
*An email will arrive with your access links.

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