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Lead Worshiper Quick Guide

Nice work signing up for the Lead Worshiper Roles Quick Guide!

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Take Your Quick Guide to the Next Level... For only $17, you can get a FULL VIDEO TRAINING COURSE...

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Help Your Team Know What It Means To Be A LEAD WORSHIPER

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If You're Facing Any of These Challenges With Your Team...

  • They Just Don't Get It

    Maybe you’ve got team of solid musicians, but they just don’t understand their biblical role as lead worshipers.

  • They're Spiritually Unprepared

    Maybe you see that too many of your team members come in spiritually unprepared to lead others in worship.

  • They're NOT Expressive

    You probably have some team members who are always staring at their music stand, or they just don’t show any expression.

  • They Think It's ALL About The Music

    You likely have team members who think worship is all about the music. Or it's all about how they feel during the worship service.

Then You Need This...

Introducing the
"Lead Worshiper 101" Course

What does it mean to be “worship leaders”?

Your team members help lead worship whether they're vocalists, instrumentalists, or even techs who serves behind the scenes. Each week, they're part of helping create, support, and lead the gathered worship experience at your church. 

This course will teach them how crucial their role is:

  • Biblical Foundation & Understanding

    Your team will more deeply understand their Biblical, two-fold role as lead worshipers.

  • NOT About the Music

    Your team will explore and discuss why they do what they do. And how it’s NOT just about making music.

  • Serving With The Right Heart

    Your team will learn that being on the worship team is NOT about their personal or stylistic preferences. They'll also learn how to make it all about Jesus…even when they're the ones on a "stage."

  • Expressing & Engaging

    Your team will begin to explore how to lead expressively and how to engage the congregation...all without making it a performance. They also discover how they can lead with authority and confidence.

  • NOT About How I Feel

    Feelings and emotions are a valid part of worship. But your team will explore how worship is a matter of a choice. And they'll learn how to worship even if they don't "feel" spiritual. 

  • More Support for YOU

    After this course, your team will have a deeper understanding of your job as worship ministry leader, and know how to better support you.

Limited Time Sale: $17

What You Get With This Course

On-Demand Training Videos

This course is done-for-you training. Five on-demand videos will help your team journey towards a deeper understanding of what it means to be lead worshipers.

Leader Discussion Guide

For information to become transformation, there needs to be CONVERSATION. The Leader's Guide has questions to help your team process and discuss the training.

Team Member Pages

These printable or digital handouts will help your team engaged during the training AND be easy to reference and review long after the training is completed.  

Training Graphics

Why do you want the slide deck? There are key principles in this course that you'll want to revisit with your team over and over. You can use the slide graphics to easily teach and remind your team.

Implementation Guide

Buying a training course is easy. Actually using that course to transform your team is TOUGH. That's why we've included implementation tips and strategies for leaders.

Limited Time Sale: $17

Your Team Will Learn...

  • Their Unique Role

    The music ministry in the church isn't any more special or privileged than any other ministry in the church. But there are some unique responsibilities for team member, especially those who serve on the platform. 

  • Why Preparation Matters

    Practice and rehearsal aren't just about sounding "good." Your team will learn how great preparation will help them be better leaders and more expressive worshipers.

  • How To Be Ready Spiritually, Not Just Prepare Musically

    Our role on the platform and in the production areas requires more than just showing up prepared musically and technically. This course will help them understand what kind of heart preparation the worship ministry requires.   

  • How To Lead When You Don’t Feel "Spiritual"

    Sometimes, we show up to serve and we just don't feel like worshiping. This course will help your team to know that's OK. It's normal. So we talk about what to do in those times when we don't "feel" like leading and serving.

  • Why The Songs We Sing Matter (And How Not To Get Sick Of Them)

    Your team will learn why it's important to be intentional not only about which songs we sing, but also how often we sing them. Team members can get sick of songs long before the congregation, so we deal with that issue.

  • What Platform Presence Is (And Why It Matters)

    Worship team members don't just lead musically, but also visually. How they express their worship and engage with the congregation matters. This course will introduce them to platform presence and Biblical expressions of worship. 

Why Only $17?!

(seriously...what's wrong with it?)


The Lead Worshiper 101 Course is...

  • A full and complete training—not a teaser product.
  • The same exact training we use inside our premium training site, WorshipWorkshop.com.
  • Not available outside of Worship Workshop, other than through this special.
  • A $97 value if sold as a standalone product.

So why the low price? We wanted to give you a big taste of what's inside of Worship Workshop AND help you train your team at the same time.

No Risk

30-day money back promise

For whatever reason, if you find you don't like this course, we'll refund your money.

Limited Time Sale: $17