Training your worship ministry leaders just got easier.


You've got potential leaders on your team that can help you lead worship and run other areas of the ministry.


But you need time to develop and train them.


As a worship leader, you know your stuff. You've been doing this for awhile.


But you've not been able to FIND THE TIME to train your leaders.

Really Good:

The Essentials Course can train your up-and-coming leaders in eight crucial areas of worship ministry.

Even Better:

It's crazy-affordable. 

Learn More About The Essentials Course

The Worship Ministry Essentials Course is a video based course that helps worship leaders understand how to lead and grow a worship ministry in seven crucial areas.

We tackle each area in a short (but HIGH CONTENT) training video. Each one is around 15 - 20 minutes.

And each training comes with a guidebook with content and summary that gives you questions to help implement what you just learned.

Here's What Your Leaders Will Learn

Session 1: How To Get More Musicians

This teaches you (or your up-and-coming leaders) how to build a system to attract, qualify, invite and develop new musicians.


Session 2: How To Get Your Team To Value Preparation

This session teaches leaders the step-by-step process of how to change the culture of practice and rehearsals on your team.


Session 3: How To Get Your Church To Sing More

This session gives five practical ways to get the congregation more engaged in biblical worship.

(Hint: none of them require the worship leader to say, “Come on! Sing out! Praise Jesus like you mean it!”)


Session 4: How To Plan Services That Engage Your Congregation

We look at three specific “bad habits” of many newer worship leaders (and quite a few “seasoned” ones) that end up holding back gathered worship.

By the way, the section with the second “bad habit” would be GREAT to show to your whole team. (It’s all about how they engage and express on the platform.)


Session 5: How To Lead Beyond The Urgency of This Sunday

If you’re training an up-and-coming worship leader, they have to understand that it’s not just about “this Sunday.”

Good worship leaders have figured out how to make “this Sunday” happen AND still have time to build the worship ministry over the long term.

Session 6: How To Get Your Band To Sound Better Than They Are

Newer worship leaders are often decent at their own instrument, but they don’t know how to lead a full band and help them improve over time. To help with this, we get really specific in this session.

We talk about Five Ways To Improve Your Band In The Next Five Weeks.

Not only will it give you (or the leader you’re training) specific tactics to use right away. But these tactics also teach deeper musical principles that can be applied over time.

So this session is a crash course in creating ministry systems that help free up your time and get the crucial things done—not just the urgent things.


Session 7: How To Deal With Egos and Divas On Your Team

Every ministry in your church deals with people issues.

But the worship ministry usually has WAY more.

Look at who we’re leading: musicians and artistic types. Many of these people get their self worth from either their vocal or musical performance, or from being in front of people. Or both.

So you need to know how to deal with these kinds of people.

And that’s what this session is all about. Not only will we talk about the root of the many of the issues, but we’ll talk about how to practically move your team towards relational health.

Your Investment

The regular price of Worship Ministry Essentials is $197—which is only $28 a session.

During this special, you can get it for only $97


$97...for all seven sessions.

That’s over 50% off the total, and brings each session to only $14.

30 Day Full Refund Policy

We think you're going to find this to be a crazy-useful resource. But if you don't, no worries. Just email help [at] worship team coach [dot] com and we'll refund your purchase price.