You've Got a 3-Day Pass for Worship Workshop!

Congratulations! You've made a fantastic choice for leadership and team development!

Your instructions for what's next will take about 5 minutes to land in your inbox. That's a PERFECT amount of time to take your first critical step:



Here's How To Join the WORKSHOP:

The WORKSHOP is a community of leaders who've enrolled their team in Worship Workshop. Like you, these leaders want more than just to make Sunday sound great.

They want to build a healthy, long-term worship ministry. And this community is designed to help you go further, faster.

So here's how you join:

  • Enter the SAME email address you used to sign up.*
  • As soon as you're approved, look for the "Start Here" Unit.

The Worship Workshop membership site is fantastic for training your team. But if you want to be challenged to grow even stronger as a leader, you'll miss out if you don't join The WORKSHOP.

Here's What's After That:

If you choose the 'Right Now' option, you'll receive a couple emails in the next few minutes:

  • A welcome/confirmation email.
  • A login email. (Allow a few extra minutes while your membership is being set up.)

If you choose to start your 3-Day Pass on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, you'll get...

  • A welcome/confirmation email.
  • A notification on the day your 3-Day Pass starts. Around the same time, you'll get your "get started" and login emails.

Check your junk/spam folder if you don't see any of these emails.

Please contact customer support if you do not receive your access emails or receipts.

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