Noticeably improve your team by Christmas… and prep for your best year ever in 2023.

Would you like a noticeably better worship team by Christmas?

I want to invite you to something that can help your team get there.

But first, let's talk about the problem with this time of year.

Ready or not, the Christmas season is fast approaching, and with it, the end of 2022.

Are you ready — both for Christmas and kickstarting 2023?

During this time of year it’s easy to start coasting, especially knowing what’s ahead.

  • “I didn’t improve my team’s platform presence like I wanted to this year…
  • “They’re still showing up at rehearsal with their parts semi-prepared (or totally unprepared)…”
  • “Our Sunday service still doesn’t sound like I want it to consistently…”

“… so I’m just going to worry about it next year. It’s almost Christmas anyway.”

[cue sad Eeyore sigh]

Or maybe you wanted to…

  • Develop new leaders…
  • Grow your team spiritually and relationally…
  • Implement team training into your rehearsals and run quarterly workshops…

... but it just didn’t happen. And now it seems too late. Right?


I’m here to tell you this: 

Don’t take your foot off the gas!

There’s still SO much you can get done this year!

If you’re the type of leader who is willing to intentionally invest a little of your time now, then I know we can help you.

In fact, my team and I have something that will help you noticeably improve your team by the time the holidays roll around.

(But you have to let me know that you’re in… and soon.)

Imagine investing about just 60 - 90 minutes per week (for just a few weeks), so you can:

  • Get your team looking and sounding better by Christmas.
  • Develop a team equipping process that’ll make 2023 your best year ever.
  • Clarify the absolute best way to invest your limited time and energy to build the worship ministry you’ve always dreamed of leading.
  • Put your team on a growth path so that you can make every Sunday exceptional – no matter who’s scheduled.

A Short-Term Coaching Experience

Next week, we’re starting a group coaching experience that will give you…

  • The exact plan to noticeably improve your team members (musicianship or platform presence) in 8 weeks (or less).
  • A done-for-you equipping process to grow your team members musically, spiritual, and relationally (and move them towards leadership).
  • Access to experienced worship leader coaches who can help you avoid the costly leadership mistakes when trying to improve a worship ministry.
  • A framework for building a team that can make every Sunday exceptional, but without burning out you or your team members.

Now, all this ^ ^ might sound great, but you’re probably thinking about your budget. “I don’t think I can afford this.”

Can you afford $59?

That’s all it costs to get started with the Worship Workshop Fall Coaching Experience.

In fact, if your team isn’t very big, it could cost you less than that!

Here's How It Works

When you enroll in one of two Worship Workshop membership packages, you get full access to the Core Path™ — our proven training process to help you transform your team members into team leaders, mentors, and role models

If you were to buy all these courses separately, it would cost you around $1,940.

But not only do you get access to our Core Path™ training process, but you also get every single course, workshop, and lesson in our Skill Library.

This includes individual instrument training, leadership, and other skill development.

This library grows every single month, but right now, you'd probably have to invest around $1,764 if your church bought access to each training separately.

All Of This... Just By Enrolling

Any month out of the year, you can enroll in one of our affordable membership packages and get the Core Path™ training process and Skill Library for less than $60 per month!!

You get all this individual training for each team member for less than $2.50 per team member, per month.

That’s just our regular enrollment package.

But when you enroll by Tuesday, Oct 4, you’ll get access to the Fall Enrollment Coaching Experience.

Fall Enrollment Coaching Experience

The Fall Enrollment Coaching Experience includes...

Launch Strong Live

Six-weeks of personalized, get-it-done guidance to implement Worship Workshop in your unique ministry. ($294 Value)

  • Short, easy-to-watch-and-apply lessons that help you build a practical launch plan for your team.
  • Weekly small group coaching to answer the tough questions — like, "How should this work in my unique situation?"
  • A clear process for getting your team onboard the RIGHT way — without the drama!

Ongoing Monthly Coaching All Year Round

Small group coaching 2x a month, every month! ($1,776 Value -- $79 group coaching sessions for 24 weeks)

Each session includes...

  • How-to training to help you grow as a leader
  • Practical training and tactics to take your team even further with Worship Workshop
  • Coaching and mentoring to tackle YOUR tough challenges.

VIP Access to the Ultimate Annual Planning Challenge

A guided planning event to map out big (and little) improvements for your team in 2023.

You'll get the easy-to-implement digital planner and a premium training that the 'free' challenge participants don't get. ($198 Value)

Live Leadership & Skill Workshops 

Several times a quarter we offer workshops with professional musicians, experienced worship leaders and other experts for you and all your team members. ($468 Value - $39 workshops x 12 months)

A Clear Plan to Improve Your Team Before Christmas 

We've created a customizable plan to help you get your team to look better, sound better, or practice better in 6 - 8 weeks. This “fast-track” plan will help you make real improvements by Christmas. (Value $39... but really SO much more!)

Think about how much value you get get with just a regular, "any-given-month" enrollment into Worship Workshop ($3,704 Content Value).

Now, factor in all the extra coaching, training, and get-it-implemented guidance — which adds up to $2,675!

That's a total value $6,379

OK, let's be real.

There’s NO way most churches could afford to buy all this training.

AND, we'd never sell it for that amount. (Alright, if like someone actually handed us a gym bag full of $100 bills, we might take it.)

But we know what a church worship team budget looks like.

And think about this: too many leaders try to DIY their team development.

If a worship leader was crazy enough to try to create this training him/herself, it would cost far more that $6k in time, talent, and tech to create it all from scratch.

So, on any given month, you can enroll in Worship Workshop for only $59/mo!

Again, that gives you full access to all the training and you can add unlimited team members at one campus.

(And if you have a 20 or fewer team members, you can spend even less on that.)

Now, since we’re adding all that extra extra coaching, training and get-it-implemented guidance, you’d probably expect to pay at least $100 more a month.

And for $159, all that training and personalized guidance and support month after month would be SO worth it!

But for just ONE week, if you enroll in either the All-In Package ($59/mo) or the Core Package ($49/mo), you’ll get the Fall Enrollment Coaching Bundle FREE.


Because it’s SO critically important for us that you IMPLEMENT this training. We want you to actually use it to grow into the kind of team that can make every Sunday exceptional, no matter who's scheduled.

So, we want to GIVE you the extra help to eliminate any excuses to making this work for you.

Let's Crush One More Excuse...

There’s one more “excuse” I want to eliminate.

What if it’s NOT a good fit for me and my team?

If you enroll in Worship Workshop and somehow find that this isn’t a good fit for you, you can cancel within the first 30 days and I’ll refund your entire first month’s payment.

You risk NOTHING.

And, if you’re not sure it’s going to be a fit long-term, no worries. This isn’t like buying an iPhone through Verizon. You’re not locked into an ironclad contract.

You can cancel anytime.

How to Enroll & Join the Experience

You have to enroll by Tuesday, Oct. 4 at 11:59pm PT, because we’re starting the special Launch Strong Coaching Group on Thursday, Oct. 6.

You’ll need a day to prepare.

Here's how to enroll:

1. Click the link below and choose the package that fits your team — either the ALL-IN Package (single or multiple campus) or the Core Package.*

2. Complete the Enrollment Form.

3. Check your inbox for onboarding emails and a special instructional email giving you all the events, dates, times, and other details.

Get the step-by-step process to build a worship team that looks better and sounds better by Christmas...

And then and then transform them in 2023 into a team that can make every Sunday exceptional!

* Because of coaching costs and personalized attention, we can't offer this special enrollment bonus for the Starter Package.

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