Make Every Sunday


Grow Team Members. Develop Leaders. (And Still Have Time To Meet the High Demands of Sunday.)

How does Worship Workshop help you make every Sunday exceptional? Watch this video to find out.

  • No Time To Train?

    Training team members takes time, and you're a busy leader...

  • Unhealthy Team?

    You've got good people, they just aren't reaching their potential...

  • Too Many Options?

    There's so much good training out there, you're just not sure what will help your team the most...

When You Enroll Your Team

in Worship Workshop, you'll...

Save Time

On-demand classes & a training process that fits your and your team's busy schedules.

Grow a Healthy Ministry

A ready-made, affordable resource to develop your team members into team leaders, mentors and role models. 

Have a Clear Training Path

You'll have proven process to equip every team member—consistently and intentionally. 

Multiply Yourself

Leadership development and mentoring will become a natural part of your ministry.

Margaret Gasperson

Our knowledge of worship, best practices, and effective rehearsal technique is growing. This is moving our team to the next level!

Watch Margaret's full case study interview.

Margaret Gasperson

Associate Pastor, Christ Community Church

Worship Workshop will help you...

  • Deepen Commitment

    New (and nominal) team members will become your committed core.

  • Develop Leaders

    Your core team members will develop into leaders, mentors, and role models.  

  • Do What Only You Can Do

    Once you have a leadership team, you can focus on the specific areas of ministry that you're gifted and skilled at.

What Leaders Are Saying...

Watch the full case study interviews below...

Build The Ministry You've Always Wanted

You know the kind of worship ministry you’ve always wanted.
Getting there requires investing in every team member.

BUT there are several problems...

Here Comes SUNDAY

The weekly demands of “every Sunday” means that you don’t have enough time to develop your leaders (and potential leaders) who could help you do the work of ministry.

You're Doing Most of the Work

As pastors and leaders, we’re called in Ephesians 4 to equip God’s people to "do the work of ministry."

But as a leader, if you’re stuck doing most of the week-to-week work of the worship ministry, you don’t have time to equip.

So result, you continue doing most of the work. It's a "crazy cycle."

Not Reaching Potential

Good people on your team never reach their potential because there’s no intentional development process. 

You just hope they grow.

And because musicians aren’t being challenged, you’ll likely see turnover or complacency (or both).

Team Dysfunction

And since you don’t have time to implement a consistent development process, you’ll likely see...

  • Spiritually immature team members who don't fully understand biblical worship.
  • Attitude issues and other "me" focused behavior.
  • Low commitment, which shows up as lateness, not practicing, calling off at the last minute, and other unhealthy habits.

Fragmented Success

And year after year, you’ll keep trying new ideas and new tactics to grow and develop your team. But because of the pressure of every Sunday, you’ll only see fragmented success. Again, it’s the "crazy cycle."

Worship Workshop will help you get OUT of this crazy cycle.

What's Our Process?

When you enroll your team in Worship Workshop, you'll lead them on an Equipping Pathway...



The BEGIN PATH doesn’t mean someone's a beginner at their instrument or position. It simply means they're beginning on your team and you want to lay a strong foundation. It's also the place your current team members strengthen their foundation and get a vision for what's ahead.



The BUILD PATH is all about growing your team members' musical and tech skills, teaching them to be a healthy team members, and growing their understanding of their role as a lead worshiper.



The MODEL PATH is about helping a team member become the kind of person others can learn from musically, spiritually, and relationally.



The MENTOR PATH is where your team members begin to take steps to intentionally lead and influence others. They may do this musically or spiritually, but it will all be relational.

Watch This Video To Learn More About The Classes Inside The Core Path

These Equipping Pathways Will Help You Transform Your Team Members into Team Leaders, Mentors, and Role Models.

Worship Leaders Like You...

Case Study #1: Margaret

Case Study #2: David

Case Study #3: Dwight

Case Study #4: Matt

Case Study #5: Tedd

How Does It Work?

Up till now, to develop and train your team you’ve had THREE PROBLEMATIC options:

DIY - Do it Yourself

Spend crazy amounts of time developing your own training process. And then you still have to implement it.

Cobble It Together

Download multiple resources from different worship sites. And good luck motivating your team to use them.

Buy (and hope for the best)

Purchase a course or subscribe to an expensive training site and hope your team watches the right training videos.

Worship Workshop Is Different

Done for you training site

Done-For-You Resource

WorshipWorkshop is an all-in-one training resource designed specifically for worship team members. All done for you—no cobbling together.

Step-by-Step Training

Step-By-Step Training

We'll help you guide your team step-by-step towards deeper spiritual depth, musical maturity, and relational health.

Fits your schedule

Fits Your Busy Schedule

Leading your team through it doesn't require much of your time,  AND it fits within your team members’ busy schedules.

All with a low price that fits your church's budget.

(No matter how big or small your team is.)

What's My Investment?

Not having a clear development path for your team is costly. What's it costing...

  • ...You?

    What's the cost to you as a leader not to have a clear path for your team to follow?

  • ...Your Church?

    What's the cost to your congregation to be led by people who don't fully grasp their role as lead worshipers?

  • ...Your Team?

    What's the cost of NOT helping your team members reach their potential to worship God and serve your church?

  • ...Your Family?

    As worship pastor or leader, it's too easy to spend way too much time doing the work of ministry, and your family feels it. 

Don't spend another 12 months just going from Sunday to Sunday to Sunday.

Make the investment to INTENTIONALLY develop your team.

Our Limited-Time Fall Enrollment Coaching Experience

What if you could get mentoring, coaching, and extra training to make sure your team uses Worship Workshop to grow musically, spiritually and relationally?

When you start your Core Package or All-In Package membership by Tuesday, Oct 4, you'll not only get full access to Core Path team member training and our entire Skill Library for individual instrument training. 

But you'll also get...

  • Small group implementation coaching and training so you can launch Worship Workshop with your team.
  • VIP Access to a guided planning session to map out how to build an "Exceptional Every Sunday" team this next year.
  • A “fast-track” plan to make real improvements by Christmas
  • Intimate, group coaching sessions 2x a month, every month!
  • Live leadership & skill workshops for you, your leaders, and your team members.

Here's How It Works

When you enroll in any of Worship Workshop membership packages, you get full access to the Core Path™ — our proven training process to help you transform your team members into team leaders, mentors, and role models

If you were to buy all these courses separately, it would cost you around $1,940.

But not only do you get access to our Core Path™ training process, but you also get every single course, workshop, and lesson in our Skill Library.

This includes individual instrument training, leadership, and other skill development.

This library grows every single month, but right now, you'd probably have to invest around $1,764 if your church bought access to each training separately.

All Of This... Just By Enrolling

Any month out of the year, you can enroll in one of our affordable membership packages and get the Core Path™ training process and Skill Library for less than $60 per month!!

You get all this individual training for each team member for less than $2.50 per team member, per month.

That’s just our regular enrollment package.

But when you enroll by Tuesday, Oct 4, you’ll get access to the Fall Enrollment Coaching Experience.

Fall Enrollment Coaching Experience

The Fall Enrollment Coaching Experience includes...

Launch Strong Live

Six-weeks of personalized, get-it-done guidance to implement Worship Workshop in your unique ministry. ($294 Value)

  • Short, easy-to-watch-and-apply lessons that help you build a practical launch plan for your team.
  • Weekly small group coaching to answer the tough questions — like, "How should this work in my unique situation?"
  • A clear process for getting your team onboard the RIGHT way — without the drama!

Ongoing Monthly Coaching All Year Round

Small group coaching 2x a month, every month! ($1,776 Value -- $79 group coaching sessions for 24 weeks)

Each session includes...

  • How-to training to help you grow as a leader
  • Practical training and tactics to take your team even further with Worship Workshop
  • Coaching and mentoring to tackle YOUR tough challenges.

VIP Access to the Ultimate Annual Planning Challenge

A guided planning event to map out big (and little) improvements for your team in 2023.

You'll get the easy-to-implement digital planner and a premium training that the 'free' challenge participants don't get. ($198 Value)

Live Leadership & Skill Workshops 

Several times a quarter we offer workshops with professional musicians, experienced worship leaders and other experts for you and all your team members. ($468 Value - $39 workshops x 12 months)

A Clear Plan to Improve Your Team Before Christmas 

We've created a customizable plan to help you get your team to look better, sound better, or practice better in 6 - 8 weeks. This “fast-track” plan will help you make real improvements by Christmas. (Value $39... but really SO much more!)

Think about how much value you get get with just a regular, "any-given-month" enrollment into Worship Workshop ($3,704 Content Value).

Now, factor in all the extra coaching, training, and get-it-implemented guidance — which adds up to $2,675!

That's a total value $6,379

OK, let's be real.

There’s NO way most churches could afford to buy all this training.

AND, we'd never sell it for that amount. (Alright, if like someone actually handed us a gym bag full of $100 bills, we might take it.)

But we know what a church worship team budget looks like.

And think about this: too many leaders try to DIY their team development.

If a worship leader was crazy enough to try to create this training him/herself, it would cost far more that $6k in time, talent, and tech to create it all from scratch.

So, on any given month, you can enroll in Worship Workshop for only $59/mo!

Again, that gives you full access to all the training and you can add unlimited team members at one campus.

(And if you have a 20 or fewer team members, you can spend even less on that.)

Now, since we’re adding all that extra extra coaching, training and get-it-implemented guidance, you’d probably expect to pay at least $100 more a month.

And for $159, all that training and personalized guidance and support month after month would be SO worth it!

But for just ONE week, if you enroll in either the All-In Package ($59/mo) or the Core Package ($49/mo), you’ll get the Fall Enrollment Coaching Bundle FREE.


Because it’s SO critically important for us that you IMPLEMENT this training. We want you to actually use it to grow into the kind of team that can make every Sunday exceptional, no matter who's scheduled.

So, we want to GIVE you the extra help to eliminate any excuses to making this work for you.

Let's Crush One More Excuse...

There’s one more “excuse” I want to eliminate.

What if it’s NOT a good fit for me and my team?

If you enroll in Worship Workshop and somehow find that this isn’t a good fit for you, you can cancel within the first 30 days and I’ll refund your entire first month’s payment.

You risk NOTHING.

And, if you’re not sure it’s going to be a fit long-term, no worries. This isn’t like buying an iPhone through Verizon. You’re not locked into an ironclad contract.

You can cancel anytime.

How to Enroll & Join the Experience

You have to enroll by Tuesday, Oct. 4 at 11:59pm PT, because we’re starting the special Launch Strong Coaching Group on Thursday, Oct. 6.

You’ll need a day to prepare.

Here's how to enroll:

1. Choose the Package that fits your team — either the ALL-IN Package (single or multiple campus) or the Core Package.*

2. Complete the Enrollment Form.

3. Check your inbox for onboarding emails and a special instructional email giving you all the events, dates, times, and other details.

Get the step-by-step process to build a worship team that looks better and sounds better by Christmas...

And then and then transform them in 2023 into a team that can make every Sunday exceptional!

* Because of coaching costs and personalized attention, we can't offer this special enrollment bonus for the Starter Package.


$39 / Month

  • Leader + 3 Team Members
  • Only $9.75/person each month


$49 / Month

  • Leader + 20 Team Members
  • Only $2.33/person each month


$59 / Month

  • UNLIMITED Team Members
  • Single Campus
  • BEST VALUE for Large Teams

Do You Lead a Multi-Campus Worship Ministry?

Get the ALL-IN Multi-Campus Plan for Only $99!

No Long-Term Contracts

We're not Verizon. You're not locked in to any long-term contracts. So if you decide WorshipWorkshop is not right for your team, you can cancel anytime.

Our No RISK, 30-Day Refund Policy

We know you and your team are going to love Worship Workshop. But if you for some reason find you can't continue, we'll refund your first month's membership fee.

Our Success Pledge

We're committed to you and your worship ministry reaching that next level of health and strength. So if you and your team aren't successful, we're not successful. We promise to provide you the best support and training we can to help you achieve your goals.