Equip Your Team Build Leaders

(And Still Have Time to Meet the High Demands of Sunday.)

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We can help you intentionally train your team spiritually, relationally and musically.

  • No Time To Train?

    Training team members takes time, and you're a busy leader...

  • Unhealthy Team?

    You've got good people, they just aren't reaching their potential...

  • Too Many Options?

    There's so much good training out there, you're just not sure what will help your team the most...

When You Enroll Your Team

in Worship Workshop, you'll...

Save Time

On-demand classes & a training process that fits your and your team's busy schedules.

Grow a Healthy Ministry

A ready-made, affordable resource to develop your team members into team leaders, mentors and role models. 

Have a Clear Training Path

You'll have proven process to equip every team member—consistently and intentionally. 

Multiply Yourself

Leadership development and mentoring will become a natural part of your ministry.

Margaret Gasperson

Our knowledge of worship, best practices and effective rehearsal technique is growing. This is moving our team to the next level!

Watch Margaret's full case study interview.

Margaret Gasperson

Associate Pastor, Christ Community Church

Worship Workshop will help you...

  • Deepen Commitment

    New (and nominal) team members will become your committed core.

  • Develop Leaders

    Your core team members will develop into leaders, mentors, and role models.  

  • Do What Only You Can Do

    Once you have a leadership team, you can focus on the specific areas of ministry that you're gifted and skilled at.

What Leaders Are Saying...

Watch the full case study interviews below...

Worship Leaders Like You...

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What's Our Process?

When you enroll your team in Worship Workshop, you'll lead them on an Equipping Pathway...



The BEGIN PATH doesn’t mean someone's a beginner at their instrument or position. It simply means they're beginning on this team and you want to lay a strong foundation. It's also the place your current team members get a solid foundation and vision for what's ahead.



The BUILD PATH is all about growing your team members' musical and tech skills, teaching them to be a healthy team members, and growing their understanding of their role as a lead worshiper.



The MODEL PATH is about helping a team member become the kind of person others can learn from musically, spiritually, and relationally.



The MENTOR PATH is where your team members begin to take steps to intentionally lead and influence others. They may do this musically or spiritually, but it will all be relational.

Watch This Video To Learn More About The Classes Inside The Core Path

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