Month: December 2017

Why Recording Your Worship Team Will Help Them Improve

By Brendan Prout

Recording your worship team during rehearsals and worship services will help your team improve. You’ll learn why recording is important and how to do it.

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5 Ways To Plan Transitions In Worship (Without Killing The Flow)

By Jon Nicol

Learn how planning transitions in worship are about helping people stay focused on worshipping God. Here are five simple ways to flow between songs.

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Worship Tech = Worship Leader (And Why You Should Start Acting Like It)

By Brian Gowing

The worship tech is every bit as important to worship as the musicians and leader. If they’re doing their job, people can more easily engage in worship.

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What To Do When You Get Sick Of Your Worship Songs [Video Training]

By Jon Nicol

As a worship team, we sing/play worship songs a lot, and we’re bound to get tired of them before the congregation does. So what are we to do?

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