Five Tips For A More Spontaneous Worship Team

Want your worship team be more spontaneous in worship? You’ll learn five practical ways to help your musicians become freer and more confident as they lead from the platform.

personal mixer mistakes

The Seven Rookie Mistakes Worship Teams Make With Personal Mixers

While personal monitor mixing is immensely freeing compared to sharing wedges, it comes with its own set of issues that can be harmful to you, your team, and ultimately the congregation that you’re leading.

Songwriting for Worship with Greg Sykes

Songwriting for the Church with Greg Sykes

In this interview, I talk to Greg Sykes about everything songwriting. We dive into co-writing, writing songs for the church, getting feedback on your songs, and doing the hard work to be a songwriter.


10 Big Problems With Your Worship Team Dress Code

Worship team dress codes…how do you cover (pun intended) everything: Too tight, too high, too low, too sloppy, too formal, too little, too much. Here are ten big mistakes leaders make with their worship team dress codes.


The Worship Team’s Hierarchy Of Needs

Does it feel like some of your team members are stuck in “survival” mode? Or maybe they just aren’t stepping up to level you know they can? This article will give you language to encourage your team members to grow to that next level.

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